Welcome to the City of Camrose!

As a resident of the wonderful City of Camrose for over 34 years, I have had many conversations with visitors inquiring about our desirable city. As a constant ritual, I have always attempted to have them ponder what their perception of Camrose may be. I would proceed with some variation of the following questions:

  • If one was to be given a choice of living in any nation in the world, would they agree that Canada would rank among the best options?
  • Within Canada would they agree that our province of Alberta would be a very attractive choice?
  • I would then Challenge them to suggest a city within Alberta that would offer a comparable lifestyle to one that Camrose provides.

In analyzing these questions personally, I have come to appreciate the fact that I may just reside in one of the best cities in the world!

I encourage you to contact me if you are exploring possibilities of relocation into or away from CamroseCamrose County (including the Town of Bashaw and the Villages of Bittern LakeBawlf, Edberg, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes, and Rosalind as well as the hamlets of Armena, Duhamel, Kelsey, Kingman, Meeting Creek, New Norway, Ohaton, and Round Hill) or Flagstaff County (including the Towns of Daysland, HardistyKillam and Sedgewick, Villages of Alliance, ForestburgHeisler and Lougheed and the Hamlets of Galahad and Strome).

I invite you to examine the following links to aid in your researching journey: